We provide pet sitting and dog walking to the majority of the Virginia Beach area.  If you are outside of our normal service areas, we will let you know prior to our consultation, and discuss additional options, or refer you to other trusted pet sitters!

  • Your primary pet sitter, and possibly a back up pet sitter, will come to your consultation to answer all of your questions about our service.  You and your pets will have an opportunity to get to know the person who will be spending time with them in your home.  We will then confirm what services will best meet your needs, we will go over any specific requests or requirements that your pets have, and you can walk us through any routines you have at your home.  Once all of your questions have been answered, and you decide that you want to hire us, we will complete the contract process, confirm all of your contact information, and take our copies of the house keys.  

  • At the time of your consultation, we will develop a pet care plan with you.  We do our best to tailor visits to your needs, and the needs of your pets.  You can customize the length of the visit, and whether it includes a walk or not.  You can also request visits of varying lengths throughout your time away.  

    Visits are spaced appropriately.  For two visits a day, visits are spaced no more than 12 hours apart.  For 3 visits a day, we space our visits at no more than 8 hours between them during the day, and no more than 12 hours between a bed time and morning visit. 

  • No. We believe in in-home care, which is why we have chosen not to provide boarding services. However, we do have sitters who can remain at the client’s home. This is our overnight care service, which is VERY popular.  Our client’s love knowing that their dog is safe and stress free in their own home, with someone who loves them as much as they do!  It also provides extra peace of mind for home security.

  • Holidays incur an additional $5 surcharge per visit.  This charge is to thank our sitters for their work when most people are spending time with their families.  This charge applies on:

    -Saturday prior to Easter
    -Friday, Saturday, Sunday prior to Memorial Day
    -Memorial Day
    -Friday, Saturday, Sunday prior to Labor Day
    Labor Day
    -Thanksgiving Day
    -Friday, Saturday, Sunday after Thanksgiving
    -The day of and any weekend that falls immediately before or after the following:
    -New Year’s Eve
    -New Year’s Day
    -Independence Day
    -Christmas Eve
    -Christmas Day

    Overnight care on any  holiday incurs an additional $25 surcharge for the overnight visit only.  Other visits on this day incur only the additional $5 surcharge.

  • Pre-payment is required for clients on vacation, including those with multiple daytime visits and/or overnight visits.  Requiring pre-payment allows us to reduce the risk and costs of potential collection actions, or outright non-payment.  This, in turn, enables us to keep our rates competitive!  The invoice will be sent upon booking, and is due on or before the day that services begin.  If you return early, your remaining visits can be credited to future services.

    For clients who book mid-day daily visits and do not choose to pre-pay, you receive an invoice twice a month on the 1st and the 15th.  Payment is within 10 days from receipt of invoice.

    Any payments that are paid more than 30 days after the billing date will be charged a $35 late fee.  In addition, invoices more than 30 days past due will result in suspended services until the account is paid in full. Subsequent visits will require prepayment.  

  • At Feathers & Fur, we are extremely familiar with how often schedules can change, and have a fairly flexible cancellation policy.

    Daily Visits: You may cancel your visit up to and until your sitter is in their vehicle and on their way to, or has already arrived at your visit.  If you request a cancellation, and your sitter notifies us that they are en route, the visit will be charged, though you may still request we not come. 

    Vacation Visits: We require 48 hours notice for cancellation of any scheduled vacation visits.  Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the start of services will results in 50% charge for all cancelled visits, as our sitters have scheduled their time accordingly, and are unable to accept any further assignments. This does not apply should you have to return from a vacation earlier than expected. 

  • Visits can be scheduled up as far as in advance as you would like, and for whatever length of time you need or prefer.  We do, however, require visits be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.  Visits scheduled after these times will incur a $10 late scheduling fee.  This allows our sitters to schedule and plan their days accordingly.  We do have a flexible cancellation policy as mentioned above, and we always prefer that you book and then cancel if you’re not sure whether we will be needed.