All of our services are all-inclusive, meaning you will never pay ANY extra fees for additional pets, clean up, small household tasks, or anything else that we have listed.

If you have any questions, or are not sure which service to book, please let us know!  We are here to help you customize a care plan that will exactly fit your pet’s needs. 

Services & Rates

  • This is a private dog walk during the day while you at work or away.

    This includes:

    • Outside walk
    • Meals if needed
    • Fresh water
    • Accident clean up

      30 min visit $20

      45 min visit $25

      60 min visit $29

  • This is a drop in visit in your home to care for cats, dogs who don’t or can’t take a walk, or other small animals. 

    Includes the following:

    • Potty break
    • Administer any needed medications
    • Meals
    • Fresh water
    • Accident clean up
    • Outside walk and/or play time
    • Cat litter scooped (if applicable)
    • Small animal care (if applicable)
    • Cuddles and love
    • Text or email update

    If you’re out of town, we also include the following:

    • Mail and packages taken in
    • Trash and recycling in/out
    • Lights and blinds rotated
    • Home security check
    • Plant care

    15 min visit $16

    30 min visit $20

    45 min visit $25

    60 min visit $29

  • When you are way from home, and worried your sweet baby will be lonely, we will happily stay overnight with them in your home, providing security, cuddles, and bedtime company!  This service includes:

    • Evening meal
    • Any necessary medications
    • Evening walk, or play time
    • Potty breaks
    • Bed time tuck-in (in our bed if they like!)
    • Morning walk or play
    • Morning meal
    • Fresh water
    • Text or email updates upon arrival and departure

    The 9 hour overnight is typically from 10PM – 7AM, and the 12 hour overnight typically from 7PM-7AM.  However, like any of our services, these hours can be adjusted to meet your needs.

    Overnight Visit Only
    9 hours $75
    12 hours $110

    Overnight & 1 Mid-Day Visit
    9 hours $90
    12 hours $125

    Overnight & 2 Day time Visits
    9 hours $105
    12 hours $140

  • We also provide an array of other concierge services including a lockout key courier if you can’t get into your home, and pet supply shopping.  The pet supply shopping service is useful if you happen to run out of any food or other supplies while you’re away from the home, or even if you’re just busy at work and can’t get to it.

     Lock-out courier

    $20 7AM – 7PM
    $40 7PM – 7AM

    Pet Supply Shopping

    $20/Trip within 10 miles of your home, plus cost of purchase

  • When you need your fur baby taken somewhere in a safe and reliable manner, whether its the groomer, the vet, the doggie day care, or anywhere else!


    One Way (up to 10 miles)

    Round Trip (up to 10 miles one way)

    Each additional mile


    Wait time is $29/hour.  This is offered for any situation, whether its waiting with your furry (scaly or feathered) baby at the vet’s office, the groomer, or anywhere else!

    That pesky cable guy showing up between now and next year, sometime?  We can spend time with your beloved fur baby and wait for him, too!

  • $50
    (Within 10 miles of your home)

    We can even take your furry friend on special field trips!  We can transport them to the beach, the park, or any other requested location for an hour long excursion of play and exercise.  Upon return, we will provide a wipe down for any dirty/sandy paws or faces, potty break, fresh water, and food if needed.

  • In from out of town?  We’ll stop by your hotel room and provide any of our normal dog walking, or pet sitting services so you can do what you came for, whether its a vacation, work conference, or a wedding!

    This service includes a free meet and greet at your hotel room, so you know exactly who will be with your precious fur baby!

    1 Hour Pet Sit or Walk Visit


    2 Hour Pet Sit or Walk Visit


    4 Hour Block


  • Many couples feel that their big day would be incomplete without including their fur babies! They are family, after all.  After you have picked out your puppy tux and dresses, and rehearsed walking them down the aisle, let us know, so we can come take care of your pet while you attend to the numerous other details of your day! We will attend the wedding in a discreet manner, with clean, appropriate, and non-distracting attire.  Our experienced care will enable you to relax and enjoy your day, without worrying about your pets.  We can work with you, or directly with your wedding planner, so you have nothing further to arrange.

    We’ll start by making sure your pet is calm, and exercised, providing lots of love and attention, so they are not feeling deprived or left out!  We will transport your pet to the groomer if needed, and then directly to your service, safely, and most importantly, ON TIME.  We will dress your pet in any requested attire, and attend to any needed potty visits, keeping them occupied and away from any chaos or excitement where they might get in trouble!  We will keep them hydrated, fed, and engaged between and during your ceremony, photos, and reception.  We will assist with outfit changes, poses, or walks as needed.  At the end of your ceremony, or reception we will provide transportation back to your home where they will be fed, provided fresh water, a potty break, and tucked in for bed!

    We require one sitter per pet to give our fullest time and attention into making your pet’s day perfect, so your day is perfect! Being pet professionals, we know exactly what to do, and will never have to bother during your big day.

    $40/hour per pet

    All inclusive
    (4 hour minimum)