What We Do

At Feathers & Fur Pet Care, we spend our days providing pet sitting and dog walking for one of your most important (and probably sometimes your favorite) family member!  Whether its your dog, your cat, rabbit, lizard, turtle, parrot (or pretty much anything wtih less than 6 legs) – we will love it like our own!

Private Dog Walking

When your furry friend needs a break during the day, whether you’re at work, or just can’t get away, this service provides all the loving care and attention you normally would, plus a fast paced walk to provide exercise and stimulation.

In-Your-Home Pet Sitting

We are strong advocates for in-your-home care, as we fully believe in it vastly reducing the stress level of most pets.  For any companion animals you may have that don’t require a walk, count on us to drop in for a hello!  We love to cuddle, play, and have a (one-sided) chat! We are happy to handle feeding times, medications, and any other needs your pet may have!

Vacation Care & Overnight Pet Sitting

As an alternative to boarding your animals at a kennel, we provide care in your home so that your pet maintains its routine and familiar environment.  We love to have sleepovers with your pals!  Just like the sleepovers you remember as a kid, we have dinner, plenty of playtime, giggle excessively, and love to give cuddles!