About Us

Our mission is to provide our clients with freedom, security, and peace of mind, by operating at the highest standard of professional pet care.

We offer mid-day private dog walking in the Virginia Beach area including Kempsville, Pungo, Sandbridge, Town Center, the Courthouse area, Red Mill, General Booth, and others.

Our reliable, professional, and experienced staff also offers in-your-home pet sitting visits for dogs, cats, birds, and all exotic pets. This is great for anytime you’re away from home on vacation, business travel, or just at work.

We also offer specialty pet services including pet taxi transportation, overnight in-your-home care, and field trips! We can happily accommodate extended vacations and irregular schedules, or just provide a break for your pet (dog, cat, bird, rabbit, snake, lizard, etc.), even if you’re busy working from home.

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Online Scheduling & Billing

All of our schedules are accessible online so making requests and changes are easy! This also means that our sitters NEVER miss a visit, and know exactly where they should be at any time!

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Insured & Trustworthy

All of our staff is background checked, insured, bonded, and trained by us! We never let anyone into your home that is not specifically employed by Feathers & Fur Pet Care!

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Reliable & Dependable

When your primary Feathers & Fur sitter isn’t available, we have the staff and resources to provide back up care. We have GPS tagging so we know exactly where each sitter is at their assigned visit times.

Experienced Care

All of our sitters are knowledgeable pet owners who are educated in the best animal handling practices, and know what to do in emergencies. You can rest assured your pet is safe in our hands!