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Dog Walking – Newport News Services

Are you looking for dog walkers in Newport News?

Our sitters provide private dog walking across the Virginia Beach area.  Your dog walker will take your pet on an energizing walk in the surrounding neighborhood. This is a private walk, meaning NO group walks, so your dog has our undivided attention the entire visit.

Walks provide your pet with exercise and stimulation, which can prevent feelings of boredom and separation anxiety.

We tailor your dog’s walk to their health, age, and interest, and do our best to vary our daily walking routes.  Even we get bored looking at the same tree everyday!

After their walk, we make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water, provide any requested meals or medications, and give lots of love. At the end of the visit, you’ll receive a text with a picture and update on how their walk went, so you never miss a thing!

If you have more questions, or aren’t sure about which service to choose, we can discuss the best visit length and timing for your dog walks at your free meet and greet. 

Call us at 757-632-6334, or contact us here and we’ll reach out to you as quickly as possible!

Dog walking is great for clients who:

  • work long hours
  • take day trips away from home
  • work from home and can’t get away
  • are sick or unable to physically exercise with their pet
  • any other reason you can’t get away!

Check out our current dog walking service rates here.

Dog Walking FAQ

Do you offer group dog walks?

No.  We only walk dogs from the SAME household at one time.  For the safety and security of your pets, we only walk 2 dogs at one time, even from the same home.  This ensures that we can give adequate attention to each pet.

What are your rates for dog walking?

Please check our most up to date rates on our rates page located here.

When is dog walking available?

We offer dog walks 7 days per week from 7AM until dusk.  We do not offer dog walks after sun down.  If your dog needs care at night, check out our pet sitting visits!

Are off leash dog walks or exercise activities available?

Yes!  We do offer field trips to the dog park, the beach, or other places you know your dog loves.  Our rate for dog field trips are $50 for the first hour (including transportation to and from within 10 miles), and $25 for additional hours.

Please contact us to discuss all the details of this special service!