With the vast variety available, how do you pick the right toys for your dog?

Buying accessories and fun toys is among the most rewarding aspects of owning a dog. Toys can help keep your dog very happy throughout the day, and stave off destructive behaviors. Also, toys provide become excellent bonding tools, especially when it is time to play.

When it comes to dog toys, choosing the right ones is crucial for the overall health and safety of your best friend. 

Whether you have a new four-legged friend joining the family or you simply want to surprise your best furry friend, we explain  how you should ensure that you are choosing the toys best for them. 

Consider Your Dog’s Age

Of course, your dog does not mature the same way you do. But still, you should still have their age in mind when choosing them toys. A puppy that is three week old still has his baby teeth. Therefore, toys with softer plush or rubber, snuggly fabrics would be perfect for them.

From 3 to 9 months, he will be teething, thus you should avoid hard rubber. Also, ensure that you are stocking up because at this age, your puppy will be chewing on just anything he will get his paws on. Therefore, buy a good variety of toys so that he doesn’t chew your much loved pair of loafers. After the teething phase, you can buy him harder rubber toys. At this age, you can also buy him rope pulls and balls.

Look At Toy Texture

The size and texture is a factor to be considered when buying dog toys. Even in adult dogs, you should know that the larger German Shepherd will chew harsher than the petite Yorkshire Terrie. So, the former will usually need toys which are more lenient clenched in a smaller jaw. On the same note, a toy should not be too soft. Otherwise, it can break into pieces and probably become ingested or choked on, thereby causing gastrointestinal blockages.

If you’d like to avoid removal surgery at the vet, make sure you are ALWAYS supervising your pet when they are with a toy they could easily destroy or ingest.

Evaluate Toy Sizes

The right size toy is also very important. If the toy is too small, it can be swallowed. Any toy that is small enough to fit behind the rear molars of your dog is a choking hazard.  Avoiding hazardous sizes, and materials is very important!  If you are ever unsure, don’t buy it! It’s better to be on the safe side. 

Get a Variety of Toy Types

When it comes to buying toys for dogs, navigating the toy aisle can be something very confusing. When shopping, you should consider toy varieties like balls, tug toys, treats and chewables, and plush. For example, many dogs love plush toys. However, these toys should only be used when supervised because they can be ripped apart easily and ingested. For balls, there are plush balls, foam balls, tennis balls, and squeaker balls. Each of these types bounce in different ways.  Is your dog high energy and would enjoy chasing after a ball?  Or is he lower energy and would enjoy chewing or cuddling with a toy.  

Once again, the most important part of choosing toys is ensuring that there is no hazard to your beloved friend.  You can always scan a list of recent recalls provided by companies like PetSmart, including their recall list here. Many times these recalled items are food or treats, but there are also sometimes toys listed that can contain dangerous materials like lead.

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