Low Cost Vaccinations in Virginia Beach
August 18, 2017
Choosing a Professional Pet Sitter
August 18, 2017

Low Cost Spay & Neuter in Virginia Beach

Having your pet spayed or neutered could be the most major surgery they have in their lifetime, and at very high cost. To offset these costs, and ensure that the pet population is somewhat reasonably controlled, there are many locations in the Virginia Beach area that provide the spays and neutering at a low cost. Some of these locations require proof of income at or below a specific amount, but others have little to no requirements. See our list below the most convenient locations in your area!

  1. Virginia Beach SPCA – The VBSPCA services families that earn less than $45,000 per year. They operate in conjunction with the Neuter Scooter, a mobile spay/neuter clinic. They offer services to both cats and dogs, and the prices range from approximately $60 to $100. They often times have packages that include basic vaccines, such as rabies, along with the operation. Check here for a list of their dates, locations, and pricing!
  2. PETA offers low cost surgery with their SNIP mobile. Their mobile clinic often operates daily and offers vaccines, as well as, spay and neuter surgeries. Call 757-622-7382 ext 3 for pricing, and to schedule an appointment. Check here for their guidelines regarding surgeries.

If you’re looking for a low cost spay or neuter operation in any other area, check out GetYourFix.org. The FixIt Foundation is doing a wonderful service by offering free listings and profiles for low cost clinics. Their mission “iis to minimize the financial and educational barriers to spaying and neutering pets.” They have a lot of in-depth information on their website, as well, if you have further questions about your pet’s operation.

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