Low Cost Spay & Neuter in Virginia Beach
August 18, 2017

Low Cost Vaccinations in Virginia Beach

When caring for pets, both cats and dog, providing medical attention can be one of the largest expenses. To offset these costs, and ensure that pets are receiving the proper vaccines, there are many locations in the Virginia Beach area that provide the necessary vaccinations at low costs. Some of these locations require proof of income at or below a specific amount, but others have little to no requirements. See our list below the most convenient locations in your area!

  1. Virginia Beach SPCA – The VBSPCA services families that earn less than $45,000 per year. They sometimes have promotions where they waive the income requirement for active duty military, so you may want to contact them to get specifics. They can vaccinate both altered and unaltered animals, and work in conjunction with the Neuter Scooter who is also often on site with them. The clinic is offered at their Holland location at 3040 Holland Road. They offer vaccine clinics every week, though the dates do change. For the most up to date prices and vaccines available, check out their available dates and service list.
  2. The PAWS clinic is another location offering low costs for basic vaccines. They also offer a free examination with any vaccine, whereas other locations, like the VBSPCA may have separate charges for an exam. They also offer packages that include all the vaccines needed, or they can offer vaccines separately on an as needed basis. There are no income requirements for using the PAWS clinic. In addition, they have services that also provide parasite control, such a flea and tick prevention, if needed. They have a convenient location inside of Pet Supplies Plus at 5394 Kemps River Drive.
  3. Though controversial at times, PETA offers low cost vaccines including rabies and distemper. Their mobile clinic often operates daily and offers vaccines between 10 and 11 AM. The rest of the day is reserved for their low cost spay and neuter surgeries, also offered by PETA. For more details on getting vaccines, see their guidelines.
  4. Affordable Veterinary Services of VA provides walk-in low cost dog and cat vaccinations at Care a Lot locations. There are no income requirements. These locations are at Indian River and Diamond Springs. They offer packages for puppies, dogs, and cats, as well as, individual vaccinations. Check out their website for the most up to date pricing.

Many of these locations also offer other lost cost medical services for both dogs and cats. Don’t let price be a deterrent for getting your dog or cat their vaccinations, and their best chance at a healthy life. Many times vaccines (at least rabies) are also required for pets do other things such as access city dog parks, or other city provided services. Getting a rabies vaccine also prevents a lot of heartache in the rare case that your animal ever bites another human or animal. It’s also recommended that puppies not have contact with other animals until they are fully vaccinated. Check with the your vet on the exact amount of time, but this generally 3-4 weeks after their last vaccination shots.

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