Our Services


Dog Walking

Your dog walker will take your pet on an energizing walk in the surrounding neighborhood. This is a private walk, meaning NO group walks, so your dog has our undivided attention the entire visit. Walks provide your pet with exercise and stimulation, which can prevent feelings of boredom and separation anxiety.  Walks are great for puppies and senior dogs, as well, providing numerous health benefits, keeping them active, or getting their energy out.


Pet Sitting

What does pet sitting include?

A designated pet sitter will come to your home and attend to the needs of all your pets. This can include refreshing water, preparing and giving meals, administering medications, providing stimulation and play time, lots of love and cuddles, and anything else your pet may need.  We strive to keep your pet’s routine as close to normal as possible while you’re away, so everything you normally do for them, we can provide.


Overnight Pet Care

When you are way from home, and worried your sweet baby will be lonely, we will happily stay overnight with them in your home, providing security, cuddles, and bedtime company!
We offer overnight packages for 9 hours or 12 hours.  Some of our packages also include one or two mid-day visits, so they can have all the care needed throughout the day and night!

Dog Field Trips in Va Beach

Dog Field Trips

When your pup needs a mid-day getaway, dog field trips are the way to go!  We transport your pet to and from a fun local activity like going to the dog park, hiking on local trails, or even swimming at the beach!


Pet Taxi

What is the pet taxi for?

When you need your fur baby transported in a safe and reliable manner, we can take them there!  Schedule pick-ups and drop-offs anywhere they need to go, including vet appointments, the groomer, doggie day care, and more.  We can even wait with them and bring them back home.


Other Pet Care Services

What concierge services do you provide?

We offer a variety of miscellaneous services that you can book along with your pet visits, or by themselves.  These include package receipt, home waiting, key drop off or pick up, supply shopping, and more!  If you need anything you don’t see, just ask!