Overnight Pet Care


Overnight Pet Care

When you are way from home, and worried your sweet baby will be lonely, we will happily stay overnight with them in your home, providing security, cuddles, and bedtime company! This service includes:

  • Evening meal
  • Any necessary medications
  • Evening walk, or play time
  • Potty breaks
  • Bed time tuck-in (with us if they like!)
  • Morning walk or play
  • Morning meal
  • Fresh water
  • Text or email updates upon arrival and departure

We offer overnight packages for 9 hours or 12 hours, and can also include daytime visits if you are away from your home.

Rates for overnight care start at $75 for 9 hours, and $100 for 12 hours.

We can discuss the length of stays and additional day time care at your free meet and greet.

Overnight care is great for clients who:

  • are out on vacation or away from home for extended periods of time
  • have animals who may get anxious overnight by themselves
  • prefer to have the added security of someone staying in the home
  • have animals with medical needs who need a watchful eye overnight