Overnight Services – Virginia Beach Pet Care


Overnight Pet Care

When you are way from home, and worried your sweet baby will be lonely, we will happily stay overnight with them in your home, providing security, cuddles, and bedtime company! We strive to keep a pet’s routine as normal as possible, so we essentially perform all of the same tasks you would if you were home.  This can include:

  • Evening meal
  • Any necessary medications
  • Evening walk, or play time
  • Potty breaks
  • Bed time tuck-in (with us if they like!)
  • Morning walk or play
  • Morning meal
  • Fresh water
  • Text or email updates upon arrival and departureOvernight care enables you to:
  • know that your animals are watched, cared for, and secure, even through night time hours
  • ensure that animals with medical needs have someone present overnight in case of health emergencies
  • rest easy, knowing your home has the added security of being lived in while you are away
  • know your pets are happy and safe, while their routine is kept as stable and normalized as possible

Overnight care is offered by itself in 9 hour or 12 hour times.  We can also package it with mid-day visits. We can provide one to two mid-day visits in addition to the time spent at the overnight service.  This ensures that your pet is safe, and cared for, throughout the day. 

Check out our rate list for the most up-to-date pricing for overnight packages.