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Pet Taxi in Newport News

What is the pet taxi for?

When you need your fur baby transported in a safe and reliable manner, whether its to the groomer, the vet, day care, or anywhere else, we can take them there!  Need a pet pickup from the airport? Need a pet taken to their new home? We cover all types of transportation needs.

We offer one way pet transportation services within 10 miles of your home starting at $20.

Each additional mile is $2.

If you would like us to wait with your fur baby, and take them back, a round trip taxi is $39. Our wait time is $36/hour, or pro-rated if are waiting less than one hour.

We can also wait at your home! If that pesky cable guy is showing up between now and next year, we’ll be happy to spend time with your fur baby while we wait for them to arrive.

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